WC-paberi dosaator Jofel SMART-centerfeed

WC-paberi dosaator Jofel SMART-centerfeed
*Centrefeed dispenser included in range “Smart”, for perforated toilet tissue rolls.
*Base and support made of white ABS, front cover of smoke SAN of high quality and resistance.
*For rolls up to 210 mm diameter, and up to 300 metres.
*Incorporates cutting adjustable mecanism by strangulation
*Requires special roll, perforated, without mandrel, standing on the flat side, dispenses tissue by the center of the base.
*Front cover is hinged for easy and quick service.
*Key lock.


22.00  (+KM)

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WC-paberi dosaator Jofel SMART-centerfeed
*Maximum hygiene, avoiding cross contamination.
*You only touch the paper you are going to use.
*Easy to clean and maintain.
*Long lasting life dispenser.
*Level indicator.
*High capacity, does not require service for long periods.
*Particularly suitable for places with high traffic of people
*Recommended for hotels, restaurants, bars, workshops, industry, hospitals, clinics, laboratories.

Mõõdud SxLxK
 225x230x232 mm
  Ø 210 mm ja 130 mm kõrget tsenter väljutusega  perforeeritud rulli
 660 g
 Kvaliteetne plastik
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