Rullkätepaberi dosaator Jofel SMART

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Rullkätepaberi dosaator Jofel SMART
*Paper is dispensed by the centre of the roll, by the bottom base.
*Easy and quick access to replace existing roll.
*For rolls with diameter up to 205 mm.
*Maximum hygiene: we only touch the paper we are going to use.
*Easy to clean and maintain, long lasting life.
*Ideal for places with high traffic of people.
*Particularly recommended for collectivities, hotels, bars, restaurants offices, hospitals,clinics, etc
*Level indicator.


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Rullkätepaberi dosaator Jofel SMART
*Centrefeed towel dispenser, papaer delivered by the base.
*Made of white ABS of high quality and resistance.
*Included in the range “Low Cost” Smart, key lock, hinged front cover for easy service.
*Special paper roll required, supported by the side, without mandrel to deliver by the centre of the base.
*After removing mandrel, roll is placed over the flat side.

Mõõdud LxSxK
 230x230x334 mm
Mahutab Ø
 Ø 205 mm Tsenter väljutusega perforeeritud rulli
 755 g
 Kvaliteetne plastik
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