Rullkätepaberi dosaator Jofel AZUR-autocut

90.00  109.80  (sis. KM)

Rullkätepaberi dosaator Jofel AZUR-autocut
*Autocut paper towel dispenser.
*Entirely made of white ABS, high quality and resistance.
*Key lock, level indicator and hinged cover.
*210 mm. maximum roll diameter, delivers precut towels, one at a time, 28 cm long each.
*Latest technology for reduced cost and consumption.
*No lever, handle, battery or power required.
*Internal cutter for precutting paper is made entirely of steel, and it is protected so that it cannot be accessed from outside.
*Manual operation of paper, exclusively
*Easy and quick refill.
*Simple operation of internal mechanism, easily accessible.

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Must AG56600 + 2,50 EUR +KM
Smoke AG57000 + 5 EUR + KM



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Rullkätepaberi dosaator Jofel AZUR-autocut
*Pull smoothly the paper for autocut.
*Small wheels placed at both sides to guide paper and ensure the delivery of paper always.
*You only touch, individually, the paper that is going to be used.
*Avoids cross contamination (from one to another).
*Easy to clean and maintain, long lasting life.
*Reduced cost due to low consumption of paper.
*Robust and resistant.
*Included in the range “Azur”.
*Only cuts and delivers paper at the moment of use.
*Mode of use illustrated by means of a pictogram.
*Ideal for places with high traffic of people.
*Recommended for collectivities and public toilets.

Mõõdud LxSxK
 285x235x360 mm
 1 Kätepaberi rull :
Ø MAX. 210 mm
LAI  191 – 210 mm
Ø Võll 36 mm MIN. 45 mm MAX
 27 cm paberit
  2,03 kg
 Kvaliteetsest plastikust
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